Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to basics

So four installments into my Quick Time Moral Tales project, and it seems like a success. Traffic to the blog has increased, and I've gotten some good, thought-through feedback on my stupid stories. But my writing isn't the only thing you come here for, is it? This blog was started as a web-comic and it shall continue to be just that. So you'll be glad or indifferent to know that the next strip is in the works, and that I have a good feeling about it. Look for another QTMT late this week, or early next, and as for the comic, well... It's done when it's done, you know the drill.

In other news, Mass Effect 3 comes out next week, meaning that all work on the blog will suspended for the forseeable future. I'm kidding of course, but Sweet Daisy Marie, I am looking forward to that game, and there is a slight, miniscule possiblity that playing that game might get in the way of some of my work here. But those of you who have followed this thing from the start know that I've never missed a deadline. Oh, wait... On the plus side, I'm sure it will provide me with many ideas for the comic. Just to prove to you that I haven't been exclusively goofing off at least, here are a couple of drawerings I done did since the last comic. The  first is an illustration I made for ace e-zine Conjectural Figments (new issue forthcoming) and the second is a piece of fanart I did for the Laser Time podcast, both of which you should check out, because both are awesome. Get on it!

I call it Humanity Plus. Pretty clever, huh? Huh?
From left to right; Bret Elston, Chris Antista, Tyler Wilde, Mikel Raparaz and Dr. Henry "Hank " Gilbert. 

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